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Zhuxian Gongdexiang➻How to get Zhuxian Gongdexiang

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This article will talk about Zhuxian Gongdexiang and how to obtain the corresponding knowledge points. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Don’t forget to bookmark this site oh. List of contents in this article: 1. How to use the "Incense of Merit and Virtue" in Zhu Xian? 2. How to donate the incense of merit and virtue in Zhu Xian 3? 3. How to get the incense of merit in bundles of Zhu Xian? Use? The merit box can be used to pay tribute, door tribute, and loyalty to the gang manager after joining the gang, 10 or 100 per time, reward 105 or 1050 tribute. If the tribute is high, you can take more gang tasks and improve the gang level. If you do struggle, the higher the tribute, the more rewards you will get. Hello, Gongdexiang is paid for contributions, such as gang contributions, sect contributions, and loyalty. Pay loyalty at the Loyalty Monument in Liupo Mountain, you can receive loyalty missions, and pay tribute to the envoys of your sect, you can receive hero post missions, and you can get experience rewards after completion. Hand it over to sects, loyalty or gangs. If the contribution of the sect is high, you can get posts on your corresponding map, that is, tasks, and the experience of doing these tasks is super high. Loyalty is high, there are loyalty tasks, and experience is also high. To improve the family contribution, you can only contribute rare treasures. What kind of rare treasures you contribute depends on the level of passive skills and accept tasks from the family messenger. There are a lot of treasures above level 5 for the tribute. It is best to contribute merit incense or level 8 treasures. Zhu Xian's merit incense is similar to the treasures in the game. The difference between them is that Qizhen can get a certain amount of money, but Gongdexiang cannot. Qizhen, you can exchange for the prestige of the sect with the elders of the various sects, and you can also obtain loyalty points from the loyalty monument in Liubo Mountain. The same can be said for merit incense, which is its function. The mysterious and strange stone is a necessary item to do the fourth turn, and the merit incense is the rare treasure that contributes to the contribution. In addition, Tianji Qishi can also go to Heyang Chenzi to exchange for props that increase the growth of magic weapons. Jade Immortals 3 How to donate Gongdexiang 1. Gongdexiang can be donated to Men Gong, Loyalty Donation, and Gang Gong. It is recommended to donate Men Gong. After the Men Gong reaches a certain level, there will be sect tasks, and there will be loose fairy clothes. , after the top 500, there are holy stones every week, which is very good, and loyalty is also possible. 2. Donate to the "Daoist Baiyun" in Heyang, open the task bar, there is a "donate all rare treasures", click on it, and it will be donated automatically after a while, but if your task bar is full, don't accept it. It's big. 3. The incense of merit can be handed in anywhere, just choose to contribute all the rare treasures. 1 seems to be 20,000. Each sect contributes to a certain extent and will give the equipment of the next level. If you are Qingyun, then you will get the sword if you contribute to Qingyun. 4. It was donated to Mengong, isn't it a reminder that the space in the task list is full? It’s because you are taking too many tasks now, just complete a few and submit them before donating. There are also gongdexiang donation gangs who can only pay 10 or 100 at a time. 5. A group of tenth-level rare treasures is 90 tributes, and a bundle of 100 tributes is 1000. It is 384,000 for 1050 tributes, mine is. . Because I am the leader. . How do you get the bundled merit incense? Bundle = 100 merit incense, and the bundled merit incense can be traded, but you can’t trade Zhu Xian merit incense after you click on it: (1) Swipe the heavenly list for 50J once to get the box of Zhu Xian merit incense You can draw a lottery (commonly known as 18 touches for one mission and hit 18 Kunlun generals for an unlimited number of times). The list is sold by Skywalker. It can be considered. If you are lucky, you can also draw blood-eating beads. A group of 105 merit incense sticks. One, open the box. Second, use Tongbao to exchange at Qingyun Warehouse, which can be exchanged once a day. Three, there is a chance for divination by immortals on Monday; once a day. Fourth, the copy of burning incense, how many can be picked up. Fifth, kill the Kunlun Heavenly General, open the box, and there is a high probability of getting a bundle of 100. Bundles of merit incense are mostly obtained by opening treasure chests, and the old districts generally cost about 17 gold. One is that there will be gifts during the completion of the main task of Zhuxian, and the other is (bundles of merit incense) for sale. The method of obtaining bundles of merit incense is to touch 18 Kunlun Tianjiang and get it by lottery. Generally speaking, as long as it is not a new area. It will be sold in the old areas, and it should be able to help Zhu Xian's merits and delicacy. The third is Yuelao's 99 bee missions. The main task of Jade Immortals is for Gongdexiang, and the main task for Gongdexiang is a task from N years ago, speechless. There will be 100 Tianshu Qitan every day, which is equivalent to a bundle. (You should all know this) There is also Skywalker, where there is a mission called Celestial Banwen (requires 25J), to kill 18 generals on the current map. After that, you can draw a lottery once, and you have a chance to draw bundles of merit incense. Jade Immortal 3 Gongdexiang how to get to receive the gang task "sweat". Conditions: Join the Zhuxian Gang, merit incense, nothing else. After receiving the gang task, you will get 2 props - 1 golden key and 1 silver key. Whether you do the sweat task or not will not affect the acquisition of merit incense and Zhuxian merit incense. The Haozi picture scroll in the shopping mall can be exchanged for an NPC's merit incense at Qingyun. Zhuxian Gongde Incense, generally speaking, there are many ways to obtain merit incense. Zhuxian Gongde Incense, players should quickly collect them. Gongdexiang can be donated. Gongdexiang can be donated to one's own gang or various sects: Qingyunmen Zhuxian Gongdexiang, Tianyin Temple, Ghost King Sect, Hehuan Sect and Guidao. If you donate to your own gang, you only need to accept a task of meritorious incense from the Heyang gang administrator, you can donate and then get gang contributions and increase the speed of gang building. That’s all for the introduction of Zhuxian Gongdexiang. 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Zhuxian Gongdexiang➻How to get Zhuxian Gongdexiang

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