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Banzhang Pu-erh tea introduction, what does Pu-erh tea banzhang mean? , Introduction to Banzhang Puer Tea

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Hi everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the introduction of Banzhang Puer Tea, so the editor has sorted out a related introduction to Banzhang Puer Tea Let's take a look at the answer to the introduction. What does Pu'er tea class badge mean? What does Pu'er tea class badge mean? The word "Banzhang" comes from the Dai language: "Baza", which means "a fish". Chinese transliteration is: "banzhang". This is the meaning of the class chapter and the origin of the new and old class chapters. Banzhang is the name of the mountain top of the Pu'er tea production area. "Red wine talks about the winery, and Pu'er talks about the top of the mountain". Due to the different geographical environments, the tea industry of Yunnan Pu'er tea has different tastes. The name of the mountain is used to define the specific taste of Pu-erh tea. Banzhang is the Yunnan Puer tea produced in the two villages of Laobanzhang and Xinbanzhang under the jurisdiction of Banzhang Village Committee, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture. Laobanzhang is above 1,600 meters above sea level, the highest altitude is 1,900 meters, and the average altitude is 1,700 meters. It belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon climate zone. The growth and nutrient accumulation of tea trees. Laobanzhang is considered to have the status of "tea king" in the Pu'er tea industry. Xinbanzhang, also called Banzhang, is a village of the Hani nationality. Xinbanzhang Village was moved out of the old village. The old tea trees in Xinbanzhang are mainly distributed around the old village, with an altitude of 1,600 meters. It is the same as the old Banzhang: the tea trees are thick and ancient, accompanied by forests, with good ecological environment, good tea quality, strong tea flavor, and strong mountain charm. The old tea garden in Xinbanzhang has no residents. In order to prevent the influx of outside tea from affecting the quality and reputation of Banzhang tea, the villagers of Xinbanzhang organized on duty at the intersection to check the entry personnel, and the inflow of outside tea is strictly prohibited. The tea gardens around Xinbanzhang stockade were planted after they moved out, and the trees are 40 years old. Laobanzhang is a standard big-leaf tea, so the cords are thick and the buds are fat and fluffy. Teas from other tea regions rarely have such fat cords and buds. Laobanzhang has a good ecology, a long age, and a strong mountain charm. Smelling loose tea and tea cakes have a very prominent aroma of ancient tree tea. The aroma seems to be between orchid aroma and nectar aroma. The aroma of Laobanzhang is very strong, and can be smelled on the tea soup, the bottom of the leaves, and the bottom of the cup, and the fragrance at the bottom of the cup is stronger and longer than that of ordinary ancient tree tea. The color of Laobanzhang soup within 3 years is golden and bright, and after 3 years, the golden color begins to change to yellow-red. The bitterness of Laobanzhang degrades quickly, and it turns back to sweetness in about a minute. After drinking Laobanzhang, the whole mouth and throat will feel sweet and smooth, and it will take a long time. If you don’t eat any irritating food, this This sweet feeling will last for several hours. Laobanzhang grows in the mountains and has a long history. Therefore, the tea of Laobanzhang is strong and can be felt when drinking. After drinking, the hands, feet, head, back, etc. will heat up and sweat slightly. Different body perception will be different. In the case of a normal amount of tea, it can be brewed for more than ten times and still have a sweet and sweet aftertaste, and there is also a unique aroma of old tree tea at the bottom of the leaves, which will not taste like leaves. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's introduction to the introduction of Banzhang Puer Tea. I hope that the 1-point answer about the introduction of Banzhang Puer Tea will be useful to everyone.

Banzhang Pu-erh tea introduction, what does Pu-erh tea banzhang mean? , Introduction to Banzhang Puer Tea

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