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4399 Kitchen Lianliankan➻Kitchen Game Online

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This article will talk about 4399 Kitchen Lianliankan and the knowledge points corresponding to kitchen game online. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. A list of the content of this article: 1. Vegetable Lianliankan 2. How to get down the jelly jelly 63 off the upper level 3. Are there any interesting puzzle games? 4. There are five gods in the English gem matching game. Yellow, red, blue, purple, green...Vegetable Lianliankan 1. The game "Fruit and Vegetable Lianliankan" is based on the reality of human daily diet. 4399 Lianliankan's healthy main food "fruit" and "vegetables" 4399 kitchen repeatedly look at the picture of ", and every time you eat, 4399 kitchen repeatedly look at "vegetables". After eating, many people have the habit of meal aftermath. 2. Start the first level of Vegetables and Fruits Lianliankan. To seize the time, quickly click to connect the same fruits or vegetables in the middle to eliminate them, and then click to connect the same fruits and vegetables around them to eliminate them. At the same time, when finding a gap, continue to follow up and eliminate the same fruits and vegetables. 3. Fruit and Vegetable Lianliankan is a very time-killing fruit elimination mobile game. In the game, the system will randomly give random fruit and vegetable icons, you only need to eliminate them in pairs, and after all the patterns are eliminated, you will enter the next level, each level has different time and drop rules, Extremely fun. 4. Unable to skip the level. "Fruits and Vegetables" is a casual puzzle game that uses various fruits and vegetables as elimination units. It is impossible to skip levels in the game. Click 2 identical patterns continuously to eliminate these 2 patterns. After all patterns are eliminated, you can enter the next level. 5. Lianliankan game rules 1. Overview Lianliankan game, as long as two cards of the same suit can be eliminated by connecting them with a straight line within three, the rules are simple and easy to learn. The game is fast-paced and the picture is clear and lovely. It is suitable for careful players who mainly focus on MM. 6. The goal of the game is to eliminate all patterns within a limited time. Happy Fruits and Vegetables Lianliankan Basic Information Game Name 4399 Kitchen Lianliankan: Happy Fruits and Vegetables Lianliankan Game Type 4399 Kitchen Lianliankan: Puzzle game Game Size: 552K Game Introduction This is a very beautiful Lianliankan with vegetables and fruits as the theme . The background of the picture is fresh and soft, close to nature. Jelly Match 63 How to get down the jelly on the upper layer 1. First, you need to eliminate a little bread in the lower right corner, and then the jelly will fall down. You can use gold coins to buy the props for the bomb. Log in for 7 days in a row, and every day You can get 100 gold coins, it will help you pass the level. 2. Both the witch's attack and the jelly's self-proliferation can increase the number of targets, please use them more. If the number of jellies is insufficient, you can wait for the self-proliferation of the jelly without eliminating them. 3. Steps to increase the number of happy jelly: Open the happy game APP. Then click to enter the game and select the jelly level. In the end, you only need to eliminate the animals next to the Happy Xiaoxiaole jelly to make more jelly. "Happy Xiao Xiao Le" is a casual elimination game independently developed by Le Element Company. Are there any fun educational games? 1. Guessing games Guessing riddles is not only interesting to children, but also stimulates their reasoning and imagination. We can use "thousands of threads, ten thousand threads, they will disappear when they fall into the water" Guess the way of "rain"; you can also use the things the child likes to give some clues, so that the child can ask questions and guess the answer. 2. What are the popular brain-burning puzzle games? Douyin Burning Brain is also crazy. Douyin Burning Brain is also crazy. 3. "Hexagonal Puzzle": a simple and intuitive puzzle mobile game. Players can get some puzzle pieces of different shapes in each level. The way to pass the level is to use these puzzle pieces to combine 90% of the shapes in the center of the interface , the game has three levels of difficulty and one hundred and fifty levels. In English gem matching game, there are five gods who are yellow, red, blue, purple, and green... 1. The game name "Mysterious Zuma's Treasure" also has a game called "Monte Zuma's Treasure" Introduction: The picture is super gorgeous, the sound effect is first-class, and it has the mystery of the jungle tribe. For beginners, they need to read the strategy to understand the rules. The difficulty is not ordinary. 2. Eliminate stars to crush candy2. Swap adjacent icons by swiping your finger to eliminate three or more identical icons to get high scores. However, the number of moving steps for each level is regulated, and players need to achieve goals within the specified range, such as target scores, collecting candy and other task requirements. 3. Red (red), blue (blue), green (green), purple (purple), yellow (yellow), pink (pink), brown (brown), black (black), white (white), orange ( orange), gray (grey). That’s all for the introduction of 4399 Kitchen Lianliankan. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. 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4399 Kitchen Lianliankan➻Kitchen Game Online

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