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Dwarf Fortress➣➣Dwarf Fortress Creative Workshop

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➣➣This article will talk about Dwarf Fortress and the knowledge points corresponding to the Dwarf Fortress creative workshop. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. . Article catalog: 1. How to set the Chinese mode in the Dwarf Fortress 2. How to play the opening development strategy of the Dwarf Fortress 3. How to set up the shelter in the Dwarf Fortress How to set the Chinese mode in the Dwarf Fortress The game cannot be set to Chinese mode. If you guys want to play games in Chinese mode, you need to apply a Chinese patch to the game. After you have the Chinese patch, you can change the game mode of the game to Chinese. 2. Official Chinese is not supported. Dwarf Fortress is a classic and fun simulation game with a deep and complex simulation world. The game will be released on December 6th. Unfortunately, as of December 17, 2022, "Dwarf Fortress" does not support official Chinese. 3. Description of the Android Chinese version of Dwarf Fortress: Today, the editor brings you the "Dwarf Fortress Android Chinese version". 4. If Dwarf Fortress crashes, you need to run the original version after installing the original version 0.10 (English version). When installing the Chinese version of Dwarf Village 0.10, players need to run the original version after installing the original version 0.10 (English version), and it may be enough to install the Chinese patch. Dwarf Fortress opening development strategy How to play the opening 1. However, you can consider giving each dwarf a complete set of furniture: a room: bed, door, wardrobe, box, weapon rack, armor rack. A restaurant and office: door, table, two chairs. Except that the bed must be made of wood, you need at least 5+4, 9 stones for the whole set. 2. Trap making strategy The third weapon trap, this thing is more powerful, can be understood as a collection of razor pendulum flying arrows or ground spikes in traditional dungeons. Building requires one gear set and one to ten weapons. 3. If you want to check the current room level, you first assign it to a dwarf, and then you can judge it by looking at the dwarf's mood. Or assign it to nobles, and you can see the quality level of the room on the noble interface. 4. Grazing method How to graze: Make a cage in the craft workshop (craft), take a chicken as an example, make a chicken cage (nest box) and then use i to draw an area, then define it as n (breeding area), and then press the N key Put the chicken in it. 5. How to catch animals in the sea in Dwarf Fortress? Next, Deep Space High Play will bring you the capture method, and interested players will learn about it together. The method of capturing animals in the sea is usually to make a drowning chamber. 6. Stop using method: enter the alert interface with ma, press Enter on the original inactive alert, and move the [CIV] symbol back. How to set up a shelter in Dwarf Fortress 1. First open the game "Zombie Destruction Project", click to open the backpack. Next, click to use the hammer, select the construction page, and click to select the shelter. Finally click down to build. 2. Settings, click the gear on the upper left of the screen to set the game. Refuge list, choose to read the refuge archive, or restart the game. Official website, click the button at the bottom left of the screen to enter the official website of "Radiation Shelter". Exit, click the pattern in the lower right corner of the screen to exit the game. Game settings menu volume, adjust the size of the game sound. 3. You can build a temporary shelter, for example, you can hide in it when you encounter a sudden monster attack. The internal facilities can be very simple, just a bed and a box, and the box should be filled with food and weapons. You can also set redstone mechanisms in the shelter, such as placing a launcher with arrows at the door to clear Monster at the door. 4. To survive, you must first have a place of refuge. So where is the best place to build a shelter? Let's take a look at the choices of other players. In the game, we first distinguish the direction. The sun rises in the east, and the sun sets in the west. To the west is the coast, and we can get a harpoon on the beach. 5. The method is as follows: open the library, right-click the game, properties, and copy the controller file into it. The handle does not respond, try to use the handle emulator, drive the xbox handle, and then use the ds4 to set the priority of the handle to the Microsoft handle. In ds4, tick the shielding handle, and then connect the handle. That's all for the introduction of Dwarf Fortress. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about Dwarf Fortress Creative Workshop and Dwarf Fortress, don't forget to search on this site.

Dwarf Fortress➣➣Dwarf Fortress Creative Workshop

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