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Unique in the world, unique in the world novel classification? , Dubu Tianxia Novel

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the question of Dubu Tianxia, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce Dubu Tianxia, let us read it together see. Classification of unique novels? Classification of unique novels? [Cultivation Realm] Martial arts thirteen levels. The eleventh to thirteenth weights are martial arts innate. Innate realm: ①The physical body is innate. ②Cultivation is congenital: condense qi into gang, let go of gang qi, innate domineering body. Trinity Realm: Pei Yuan, Gu Yuan, Rong Yuan. Three Realms: True Yuan, Bright Moon, and Hun Yuan. Three Dan realms: Dan Ding, Magic Dan, Yuan Dan. Three fetuses: membranous fetus, phantom fetus, and original fetus. The three yang realms: body yang, pure yang, and yang god. Three God Realms: Huashen, Yuanshen, Fusion. Three-phase realm: Dharma phase, earth phase, and sky phase. Three realms of immortality: the immortality of the physical body, the immortality of the primordial spirit, and the immortality of the heaven and earth. Three Emperors Realm: Human Emperor, Witch Emperor, Holy Emperor. Three gods and kings: witch ancestor, god king, and emperor. God-Heaven Realm (Proving Dao Realm): Heavenly Emperor.... [Witch Treasure] (Generally) used by sorcerers of the thirteenth level of Martial Arts and Three-Yuan Realm: Witch Soldiers. The Three Realms use: Ordinary Wubao. Used by the Three Dan Realm and the Three Fetal Realm: The Treasure of Township Education. Three Yang Realm uses: Pure Yang Treasure. The three gods use: the treasure of the primordial spirit. Three-Phase Realm uses: Three-Phase Treasure. Used by the Three Immortal Realms: Immortal Treasure. Human Sovereign Realm uses: Treasure of Human Sovereign. Used by the Witch Emperor Realm: Forbidden Treasure. Used by the Holy Emperor Realm: Holy Treasure. Wu Zujing uses: Ancestral Armament. God King Realm uses: Divine Weapon. Emperor Realm uses: Emperor Soldiers. The last of the Emperor of Heaven: the treasure of the Emperor of Heaven to prove the Tao. [Number of jade floors] First floor: Yu Dan Wuliang White Jade Tower, Yu Dan Wuliang Black Jade Tower, Yu Dan Wuliang Green Light Cold Jade Tower, Yu Dan Wuliang Jinyu Tower. The second floor: Zen Shan Wuliang White Jade Building, Chan Shan Wuliang Black Jade Building, Zen Shan Wuliang Qingguang Hanyu Building, Zen Shan Wuliang Xuanhuang Building/Zijin Building. The third floor: Longdufan turns into a white jade building, Longdufan turns into a black jade building/Qizhen building, Longdufan turns into a green light cold jade building, and Longdufan turns into a golden jade building. The fourth floor: Jiran Tushita White Jade Building, Jiran Tushita Black Jade Building, Jiran Tushita Qingguang Tower, Jiran Tushita Xuanhuang Tower. Fifth floor: Poluo Miaoshan White Jade Building, Poluo Miaoshan Black Jade Building/Baibao Building, Poluo Miaoshan Green Jade Building, and Poluo Miaoshan Golden Jade Building. Sixth floor: Dongtian Yuanhua Baiyu Building, Dongtian Yuanhua Black Jade Building/Black Yutianxing Building, Dongtian Yuanhua Qingguang Building, Dongtian Yuanhua Xuanhuang Building. Seventh floor: Linghua Fanfu White Jade Building, Linghua Fanfu Black Jade Building/Baibao Building, Linghua Fanfu Qingguanghanyu Building/Seven Star Building, Linghua Fanfu Xuanjinyu Building/Xuanhuang Building. Eighth floor: Gaoxu Huanxi Baiyu Building, Gaoxu Huanxi Black Jade Building, Gaoxu Huanxi Qingguang Building, Gaoxu Huanxi Jinyu Building/Xuanhuang Building. Nine floors: Central Juntian Baiyu Fairy Building, Central Juntian Black Jade Building, Central Juntian Qingguang Building, Central Juntian Xuanhuang Building. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Dubutianxia. I hope that the one-point answer about Dubutianxia will be useful to everyone.

Unique in the world, unique in the world novel classification? , Dubu Tianxia Novel

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