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This article tells you about the chess game and the knowledge points corresponding to the Gravity Chess game. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. What are the interesting games for children’s chess lessons? 2. How to play the 4399 mini-game Chinese Chess Endgame 115? 3. How to pass the sixth endgame in Weile Chess? 4. What is the meaning of Karma 11 in Tiantian Chess for children? What are some interesting games in the chess class? Today we know the chess board and chess pieces. What do you want to do now? Please find a small opponent to start the chess game! Children play chess, and teachers tour to guide them. Playing chess is like fighting a war. There are losers and winners. Educate children to "not be arrogant in victory, and not discouraged in defeat." get out of class is over naturally. Extracurricular games suitable for primary school students include backgammon, card stud, boxing, chess, checkers, etc. Backgammon There are two ways to play backgammon. How to play a small chess game: Both sides use black and white chess pieces respectively, and place them on the intersection of the straight line and the horizontal line on the board, the first to form a five-piece connection wins. Most of the famous endgames in small chess games are some exquisite small endgames, which are mainly excellent interpretations of some classic killing methods and combinations. The names of endgames are mostly obscure, and you can find them on many chess websites. You can refer to "Hundreds of Juvenile Games of Young Sons", which may have what you are looking for. How to play the 115th level of the 4399 mini-game Chinese chess endgame? 1. Red first wins in a row: rooks draw five draws and six draws, soldiers draw five draws and advance four. The guns are seven and six are flat, and the soldiers are four and five. Eight horses get six, five soldiers get four. Ma six enters eight, scholars four retreats five. Eight horses get six, five soldiers get four. Horse six enters five, and scholar four retreats five. Five horses retreat six, soldiers five advance four. Horse six advances eight, soldier four retreats 5. 2. Endgame 1: Rook 5 draws 6, horse 2 retreats 4, horse 4 retreats 5, horse 5 retreats 7, horse 7 advances 8, cannon 9 advances three squares, general. Endgame 2: rook 4 retreats two squares, rook 4 draws 6, rook 4 advances two squares, pawn 5 advances one square, rook 6 advances one square, pawn 5 advances one square, rook 6 advances one square, general. Steps to break the chess endgame on Douyin. 3. First turn on the mobile phone, click to enter the 15th level of 4399 Chinese chess endgame. Secondly, in the game level, the player can shoot nine to level six, 5 to 4, and cannon to level three. In the end, the pawns are 2 and 3, and the guns are three and one can pass the 15th level. 4. If the black side moves 4 into 1, the red rook 5 into 1 is a lore, and can only retreat 4... 4 retreats 1 horse, 7 into 5, 4 into 1 horse, 5 into 4...following the trend Drop Black's rook. How to pass the 6th level of the Weile chess endgame 1. Firstly, the handsome five advances, one bishop, 5 advances and 3 chess games, and the back pawn advances, one bishop, 3 retreats 13. Secondly, the soldiers flattened the three elephants, 1 and retreated 3. In the end, three soldiers advance and one bishop enters 3 and 55, soldiers enter three and one bishop enters 5 and 3, and soldiers three draw four. 2. The initial situation of the sixth level of Chinese Chess is as follows: the rooks enter five times and one takes the knight, which is the lore. Because the rook has the back cannon, it is not afraid of being eaten by the general. Eat the rook, and the left and right landing points are blocked by other pieces of your own, and you will be checked to death in a chess game. 3. Bing seven draws six, draws four draws five. (Refer to the main line for changes, omitted). Cannon nine flat five, car nine flat five. The soldiers are six to five, and five to four. The soldiers are five and six, and four will be retreated by one. Cannon five flat six, car five flat four. Six soldiers advance to one, and four retreat to one. Bing six into one, 4 level 5. Six pawns enter one, four rooks retreat four. 4. The cracking method is as follows: First, the opening game record is as follows. The first step is General Hengche. At this time, the opponent will enter the car and eat our car. At this time we enter the general. The opponent can only move up. Finally, we cannon out the general and complete the lore. What does karma 11 in Tiantian Chess mean? "Everyday Chess" is a small board game. The chess game adopts a fresh and casual style, the game is simple and playable yet fashionable. In the game, players have to defeat their opponents through their own smart chess games, and at the same time exercise their dialectical analysis ability and cultivate their tenacious will. It is the level of a chess player, and the professional level is the level of an amateur, obtained through chess strength assessment. From January 1, 1999, Chinese chess began to implement a new grade system, a total of 13 grades are divided into super master, national master, master, amateur master, amateur nine to amateur two, and amateur junior. amateur master. The levels of chess skills are: amateur level 1, amateur level 2, amateur level 3, amateur level 4, amateur level 5, amateur level 6, amateur level 7, amateur level 8, amateur level 9, amateur master, master, national master, special level Grandmaster. How is the karma in Tiantian Chess evaluated? How is it different from level? Industry one industry two: entry, village level. Belonging to the "Three Meetings" chess players: able to place pieces, move pieces, and capture pieces. The winning or lore after two steps is basically ignored. Know a few simple basic killing methods. Industry Bazhun strong provincial level! He must have won some extremely high-content award certificates and has the strength of a national first-class chess player. Amateur ninth-level national master strength, but I personally feel that national masters have not yet reached industry nine, basically belong to gods! Humans cannot reach it. It means master level. Tiantian Chess Strength Evaluation grades are Amateur Level 1, Amateur Level 2, Amateur Level 3, Amateur Level 4, Amateur Level 5, Amateur Level 6, Amateur Level 7, Amateur Level 8, Amateur Level 9, Amateur Master, Master, National Master , Grandmaster. This is the end of the introduction to the chess mini-game and the gravity chess mini-game. 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Chess Game➻Gravity Chess Game

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